On September 18, 2001, Collective Soul released their greatest hits compilation 7even Year Itch: Greatest Hits, 1994-2001. It is made up of some of their greatest hits from 1994 to 2001 and included two new tracks; "Next Homecoming" and "Energy". Although many fans complained that it left out some of Collective Soul's greatest songs and it only included their most popular and successful songs, 7even Year Itch still received decent reviews and was relatively successful. It sold 225,000 copies in the first year after its release. In the U.S. it reached number fifty on the Billboard but in Canada it got even better reception and more popularity, it reached number nine on the Canadian billboards and went platinum. All the songs in 7even Year Itch at one point had been on the US Hot 100, the US Mainstream Rock, or the US Modern Rock chart, except for Energy, which 7even year itch was its debut album.

7even Year Itch was the last album Collective Soul released through Atlantic Records and their last album to feature guitarist Ross Childress, who had been with the band since its 1993 debut.

The compilation has gone on to sell over 500,000 copies. It saw a resurgence in sales after Collective Soul began putting out albums on their own independent label, El Music Group, beginning in 2004.

[edit] Track listingEdit

  • All tracks written by Ed Roland, except where indicated.
  1. "Heavy" – 2:55
  2. "She Said" – 4:15
    • Originally from Dosage
    • Written as 4:51 in CD Case; in reference to the version from the soundtrack to the film Scream 2.
  3. "Shine" – 5:06
  4. "Energy" – 3:19
    • Previously unreleased
  5. "Run" – 4:33
    • Originally from Dosage
  6. "Gel" – 2:58
  7. "Precious Declaration" – 3:41
  8. "Why, Pt. 2" – 3:37
  9. "The World I Know" (Roland, Ross Childress) – 4:15
    • Originally from Collective Soul
  10. "Next Homecoming" – 3:11
    • Previously unreleased
  11. "Listen" – 4:12
    • Originally from Disciplined Breakdown
  12. "December" – 4:43
    • Originally from Collective Soul
  13. "Forgiveness" – 5:00
    • Originally from Disciplined Breakdown

[edit] Track NotesEdit

  • "She Said" was previously released as a hidden track on Dosage, where it was merged on the same track as the album's listed closer "Crown". A different mix of "She Said" was first released on the Scream 2 soundtrack.
  • "Energy" and "Next Homecoming" are previously unreleased.
  • Some releases have "Perfect Day" featuring Elton John, originally from Blender as track 7 following "Gel", moving "Precious Declaration" onwards down one place.